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Bone Density

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Nano Cal/Mag calcium and magnesium is designed for those concerned about loss of bone density and want to enhance bone growth to reduce the risk of broken bones and it may reduce high risk of osteoporosis. Nano Cal/Mag calcium and magnesium is designed to increase bone density and reduce the effects of osteoporosis.

Karen from Idaho reports her Bone Density test indicates a 7% growth in her bone density in less than one year when using MagCal-Ionic calcium and magnesium.

The JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association, December 12, 2001) reports 7% of women past menopause suffer the effects of Osteoporosis and up to 40% of this population show a decrease in bone density, the precursor to osteoporosis, which may make one susceptible to bone breakage. 11% of the women reported at least one fracture after age 45. Osteoporosis or decreasing bone density is not an overnight phenomenon, but occurs gradually over time. The best defense against osteoporosis is long term supplementation of the proper balance of calcium and magnesium starting at as young an age as is possible. But don't despair if you are not on a good program, because at the age of 49 a female significantly increased her bone density without the aid of any hormone over time. Bone density growth is a gradual process just as is the onset of osteoporosis.

As a general warning calcium alone may not solve the bone density loss or the effects of osteoporosis but it must be properly balanced with magnesium because magnesium is necessary for calcium to be absorbed by the body and without it calcium deposits may build up causing other health maladies. For a discourse on magnesium click here. All we ever hear about is take your calcium and many food products are fortified with calcium but not with magnesium.

95% of the population is deficient in magnesium. A solution to these deficiencies is the 100% absorbable Liquid Ionic Magnesium. For ordering information on magnesium click here.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Click Important Cautions regarding general information presented. Information on this web site is not medical advice, see your health care professional.The information on this web page is void where prohibited by law.

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