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"I am 87 years old and among other things I suffer from chronic bronchitis with accompaning asthma. Upon arising I struggle for a couple of hours to get my breathing cleared up. I started taking Evening Tonic (ET) first thing in the morning and really noticed how it opened me up! So in lieu of using my inhaler I only used ET and for the most part I got relief from congestion. It is a pleasant tasting compound and I somehow felt my entire being 'opened up'." -- Beverly D.; Calif.

"Freedom Plus Corporation:
I am writing to you to personally thank you for your amazing products. I have been suffering from congestive heart condition, pulmonary hypertemsion and severe edema. I have seen a few doctors which have been of no significant help for me. My blood pressure was so high, and, nothing was bringing it down to any kind of safe level. Many various drugs were tried out and their diagnosis was grim. I then decided to seek out help in the natropathic arena. The practitioners also expressed their concern and thought the best thing was to bring down the hypertension and to help my breathing- mainly my breathing, first and foremost, as it was very, very shallow. They proceeded to give me intravenous magnesium, and, to our avail, was impossible, due to my veins that would be used for the I-V were very weak and mostly collapsed and broken due to the high blood pressure. They had decided the best thing for me was to insert an artifical vein from my arm going directly to my aorta to my heart. Without too much conversation and questioning, I decided against that procedure at least for the time being- and went home very disappointed and very scared. After a few days of depression and fear I decided to do some research on the World Wide Web and by chance or some "invisible hands of Divine Guidance" leading me, I stumbled onto your web site "IONIC LIQUID MAGNESIUM". From reading your information, this seemed to be the answer for getting the magnesium absorbed into my body with the same effects as if it were given intravenously. It has been approximately three weeks and I've improved significantly-- almost unbelievably so, if I didn't see it right before my very eyes! I am (so far) taking the Nano Ionic Magnesium and Nano Ionic Potassium and just ordered the Ionic Zinc. My severe edema of my legs, ankles, feet, hands and fingers has lessened so much that they look back to normal, and I can finally (after a little over a year) breathe with an ease that my 47 year old body never believed would be possible again. These are the first and most clearly seen results that my family and friends- and especially myself- have noticed. I'm still experimenting with the best balanced dosage that I should take, and even in this experiment, I have had no ill side effects. In a couple weeks I'm going to go back to my natropathic health care doctor to show him what I've discovered and the amazing results so far. And, as I stated earlier, thank you, Dr. Gunderson and all concerned for producing and making available your products.  In Love, Light, Health and Happiness"
--M. R.

"Dear Dr. Gunderson, you and I have spoken personally well over a year ago (almost two now) when I was first referred because of my life threatening iron levels and the Red Iron formula was the answer to several years search. I was so anemic that I had I-V infusions almost yearly, or blood transfusions. Now, this past year I have not need any more transfusions ir Iron infusions at the Hospital. Yeah! The initial problem began after I had my mercury/amalgam dental fillings removed, but I still had so much mercury everywhere in my body that finally could be excreted, but the mercury was attacking and attaching to the red blood cells, where the iron should have been attaching. Needless to say my Hematocrit and Hemaglobin counts were so low that getting enough air in my lungs, and having any energy in my body was a trial. The Red Iron improved the picture, and I love the fact that I don't have to pay $3,000 per year for a very dangerous procedure any longer. I am so grateful. The next time we are traveling through Las Vegas, may we come and meet you? Our center for healing children with learning disabilities is now primarily in San Diego, but we keep our corporate offices in St. George, Utah. We love the MagI Cal for all the children. So, very many stories of their improvements are now being put onto a DVD format so we can share the good news about our work with families all over the country. Autism is treatable NOW. And MMI labs is one of the important companies that we want to stay connected to, for children's mental alertness and metabolic progress. Without this wonderful, absorbable (and taste good formula) most of our little children could not get the calcium and magnesium they need for changes to significantly happen. Again, Bless you. Your research, your integrity, and your commitment to providing real healing products at a cost families can afford. Sincerely,"
--Karyne Richardson-Meads HA, ON

"I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking your company for providing me with a very effective treatment for my migraines. Since I started taking the Liquid Ionic Magnesium (2 tablespoons/day), I have only had one migraine. I was having one or more per month. My migraines are particularly nasty, and with four kids and a husband, I don't have time for the pain. So, a million thanks for helping me to manage my migraines! Sincerely," --
Becky S. in Dallas, Texas unsolicited testimonial February 2004

"To whom it may concern, I have been using magical ionic for a while now for my restless legs every night before bed, it works wonders- I sleep like a rock now. Thanks again for making this product. Ever grateful."
--Rryan R unsolicited testimonial August 2003

"Re: MaglCal - I am writing to thank you for offering the product that has saved me much pain since taking it. Thanks also to this computer that I found your company. Before I found this product I was having leg cramps just about every morning upon arising and now I have no fear that it will happen again. From the first morning after taking it I have awakened with no cramps. What a relief that is to me. I have friends that have the same problem and I will tell them about it because I'm sure they are in the same situation that I was when I tried all kinds of things to get relief. Thanks again. I now get a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed rather than in pain.Sincerely," --
Dorothy E. T.

"To whom it may concern, I have suffered from restless leg syndrome for a long time now, my doctor wants to put me on very controvisial medicine, with huge side effects that may or may not work, upon doing my research on restless legs i stumbeled among your site and read about mag-i-cal so i figured i have nothing to loose and i ordered the severe leg relief package, upon the second night when i laid down in bed getting ready for a full nights worth of insomnia with the jumpy legs to my amazement my legs were perfectly calm, and i dozed off within 10 minutes, i haven't had a full nights sleep in years.
thank you soooooo much for this product."
--BR, Levington, NY; unsolicited testimonial June 2003

"To the miracle worker: I ordered a bottle of your Magnesium Ionic for my wife about one month ago for what is called restless legs after going to many doctors who said that there was nothing they could do for her except prescribe quinnine which was bad as she has diabetes & takes seven different prescriptions daily. From the first day my wife used your product she has had no leg problems to date & now the bottle is empty & I am ordering another for her as it doesn't seem to bother her other prescriptions that she is taken is there any precautions I should know about? This medicine is just great & after 25 years with leg problems it is a miracle wish we had known about this product years ago it would have prevented a lot of pain & suffering."
--John W.

"Dear Sirs, Thank you for your notice of shipment of my order. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased to be doing business with this company. You ship so fast! I pay much higher prices for shipping with other businesses who ship via UPS and it takes twice as long for the product to get to me. I also wanted to say that the MAG-I-CAL that I bought in my first order has practically worked miracles for me. I have had some kind of peripheral neuropathy for three years and it was just getting worse - to the point where I had almost no feeling in my feet and no "messages" seemed to be getting to my lower leg and foot muscles. After about four days of taking the MAG-I-CAL I was able to move and bend all of the toes on my left foot and two toes on my right foot (which was the worst foot), something I haven't been able to do in almost three years. I'm so pleased to be able to forward this testimonial along to you. I have come to realize recently that it is probably the Magnesium that I need more, so I am postponing taking the MAG-I-CAL for a while, and will concentrate on taking the Magnesium (which I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of) till I notice even more improvement. Then I will resume taking the MAG-I-CAL. I am so happy to have found your site and your wonderful products. I can't thank you all enough. I know that the medical profession would have just put me on muscle relaxants, and that would never have solved the problem, since it was a Magnesium deficiency that was plaguing me. I will continue to promote your site to everyone I tell about the amazing results I am experiencing from your products. Keep up the good work, and thank you for shipping so fast!"
--Yvonne L.

"Dear Sir: I received a liver transplant in September 2001. I was prescribed the immuno-suppression (anti-rejection) drug Prograf. Prograf is a calcium and magnesium-depleting drug. Day by day as my recovery continued, my blood tests continued to show lower and lower magnesium levels. I began to have to take more and more magnesium oxide tablets as ordered by my transplant after-care specialist. I had reached thirty-eight pills a day. The natural laxative effect of the magnesium was working; however, my blood levels were still low. A fellow transplant recipient told me about Ionic Magnesium. I ordered the product and calculated the dosage. As soon as I began to take the Ionic Magnesium, I have never had a low magnesium level since that time. I would not consider using another product especially because taking the liquid magnesium is so easy and convenient. I wan to thank you very much for your product."
--Nathan G, Texas; Feb. 2003

"Pass on this feedback...I have severe frequent attacks of atrial fibrillation + Dxed w/ "malignant hypertension" (BP was: 315/190 est.) Began Ionic Mg, w/in one week, A.F. GONE completely, no episodes since...I trashed the (Rx) Tambocor! Medics have found nothing physically wrong w/ me??? I wonder if a similar effect is possible w/ the BP? Love'n that Kickapo-Joy-Juice!"
--Robert K., from AZ

"Harold, first I want to thank you for your offer. I will take you up on it as I need to reorder in a day or two. Here is what you asked for. About a year ago I came home from work to find the ambulance in my driveway. My youngest boy came out and said that my wife had a stroke. All the symptoms were classic. The hanging face, arms unable to move, etc... By the time they took her out and left for the hospital it was really looking bad. I was scared. Several test were ran at the hospital and it was discovered that it was not a stroke. Her mineral levels were way down off the chart. No calcium, no mag. no potassium. It was soon discovered that her para-thyroids had died. This was caused by damage done when her thyroid was removed for cancer.. Well, she was hooked up on a I.V. to replace the minerals and it worked great. She was released and sent home, however, within days she was back in with the same thing. Without para-thyroids her body could not regulate these needed minerals and everything was shutting down. This went on for several weeks and after I had to drive her to the hospital once and watching the pain she was in I said "THATS ENOUGH"! They were able to keep her calcium levels up with Tums. She takes 10 a day and it works fine. She still did not feel right tho. She was tired, couldn't move much, it was always an effort. Well, she was told that without proper levels of Mag. she would be this way. I started looking for some way to fix that. Thats when I found your site and the Ionic Mag. I ordered a few bottles for her and WOW what a difference it made. It worked right away. She had life back in her again. She goes in for blood tests often to make sure things are right and they usually are. If things are low we just adjust the amount for awhile and things get good again. She take two tablespoons 3 times a day to keep things right. Because this will need to be done for the rest of her life I will be ordering from you often. Thank you so much for having this product at your company. It really has been, and continues to be a life saver."
--Brian M.

"This is a re-order of MagCal-Ionic and I must say I love it. It helps my restless legs syndrome [ I take it just before lights out ]. Thanks for a great product."
--Patricia, Chestertown, NJ

"Use daily MagCal-ionic has made my joints feel less restricted; my joints, especially, those in my hands, feel more 'fluid'! Please rush!!!! Thanks."
--Joseph, Lincroft, NJ

"This product works wonders for night leg cramps." --Claude, San Clemente, CA

"I just placed an order for MagCal-Ionic Calcium and Magnesium plus Vitamin C - 16oz liquid. It has been a God send. I originally ordered this for leg cramps which have greatly improved."
--Barbara, Baltimore, MD

"Thank you for sending me the liquid on my last order. SOMETHING IS WORKING, my restless legs are better, not completely, and not sure if they will be, but this has really helped, along with the powder magical I am taking. Have referred this to many people and my cousin ordered last night from you. Thank you again and I will let you know how things are going."
--Selma, Mukilteo, WA

"Night leg cramps subsided after 10 days. Have cut dosage in half after first month. Works well so far." --Barbara, San Clemente, CA

"I have to tell you how amazed I am with the Ionic Liquid Magnesium. I have fibromyalgia and chronic backache for 5 years. I started using the liquid magnesium along with the MagCal-Ionic about 7 days ago. By the 5th day I could see such less pain. And by the 7th day my pain has gotten 80-90%better. It is so wonderful to be without that chronic pain. Thank you so much."
--Jane, Sioux City, IA

"About 1 year ago I was in a car accident and could not get good nights sleep because I could not lay on back or stomach due to pain. With the MagCal-Ionic and Liquid Magnesium the pain has been subsiding and I can once again sleep on my back and stomach."
--Joanne, S. Cal

"I've already taken MagCal-Ionic as my calcium supplement. I.'m taking 1 tea spoon 30 minutes before I go to bed every night. It works great on me. I can sleep better and the stiffness on my knees is almost gone."

"I want to hail the instant reward I reaped from using MagCal-Ionic I recently ordered. I ordered it after researching on line about RLS, as I have suffered for years since my pregnancy 20 years ago.i have not had the first 'twitch' since the first night I used it (5 nights ago). I have replaced my old calcium/magnesium supplement with MagCal-Ionic, and have also recommended it to a couple of friends who also suffer with RLS, and one has already ordered from you." --Sandy

" I have been using your product for a week and I have already had remarkable results. The pain in my legs at night has completely subdued, and I have not woken up due to leg cramps. Many of my friends are skeptical. But I don't think this is due to just the 'the power of suggestion'. I am spreading the word and giving a sample to one of my colleagues today! This product is nothing short of miraculous for a person that hasn't slept well in years." --Karen

"I want to reorder the MagCal-Ionic Supplement. It works very well for RLS and is a God send. I use it at night and it controlling the leg and body movements that have bothered me for years. I was suffering form sleep deprivation, getting only 4 or 5 hours of sleep per night. Now when my sleep is disturbed it is for other reasons." --Mike, WA

"I have had leg cramps most of my life (from about 16) and now they are 100% gone since I began using MagCal-Ionic. MagCal-Ionic has been a real blessing." --John, Hemet, CA, unsolicited testimonial Sept. 2001

"Reports her Bone Density test indicates a 7% growth in her bone density in less than one year when using MagCal-Ionic." --Karen, Idaho

"These products are pure gold to me. I am a 78 year old male and experienced severe restless legs for many years, spent many $'s on various prescription drugs and nothing helped. I could not sleep, would walk the treadmill for several hours to calm my legs, get so tired but still could not sleep as my legs would start jumping almost as soon as I would lay back down. Many times I could not keep my foot on the gas peddle when driving my legs jerked so bad. Would need to stop and walk to calm my legs. My wife got so desperate for me she searched the web for a possible answer and came upon After reading the information she placed an order for the Severe Relief Program. The second night I took the product I got a great night's sleep as my legs were still. I have shared this with my Doctors and they were dumbfounded and could not believe it. Both Doctors are now following up on the information I gave them. This stuff is like gold to me, I will not be without it. Thank you Doctor Gunderson."
--Fran, Newbury Park, CA

"I am an athlete who has suffered from Magnesium Deficiency for four years. I dealt with cramps, spasms, insomnia, irregular heartbeat, and tremors. I went to a heart specialist and a neurologist both of whom brushed me off as having imaginary symptoms. Since taking Liquid Magnesium, I haven't felt this good in years."

"I am pleased to recommended the "CRS Acne Scar Solution" program. Since using this product my skin is so much smoother with a gentle firmness and it looks much better. I noticed improvement within 2-3 weeks." --Sofia from NM

"CRS Acne Purge Skin Care, WOW these products are just great! My two teenagers, a boy and girl, have experienced about a 90% improvement with their ACNE skin challenges and all this in less than two weeks. Both are very excited with the results they see every day in the mirror as they use the CRS Acne Purge Skin Care Program and they feel so much better about themselves. They both love the soothing and comforting feel on their skin. Prior to this program they used Accutane and Retin-A with marginal results and are very pleased that they no longer need to be concerned about drug related side effects from Accutane or suffer with the burning sensation or being uncomfortable from Retin-A. Every teenager with acne should be so blessed, parents have heart and start your youth on this program today. Don't wait another moment."
--Donna of Southern Calif

"For most of my adult life I was washing and/or wiping my face to remove excess oil. Also the pores on my face were large with some extremely large ones in the middle of my forehead which were getting bigger over time. It was suggested that I try a formula called CRS PLUS and that these conditions might be reversed. I am happy to report that after 6 weeks I realized one day that I was not wiping and/or washing my face as often to remove the constant drain of oil. Upon close examination of my face I could see that the pore size is much smaller and as if by a miracle the extremely large pores are gradually closing and becoming less conspicuous. No more stinging skin from after shave lotions as I have replaced them with CRS PLUS." --Harold from Southern CA

"The atomized mist spray of CRS PLUS is very cooling and refreshing to use and its continued use has given my skin a soft look and a supple feel. I have discovered that using CRS PLUS following hair removal treatment to be a tremendous benefit. NO more unsightly blemish flare-ups and discomfort for me."
--Connie of Arizona

"CRS Acne Purge is the best product I have used for acne. CRS Plus leaves my skin soft but not oily. Acne Purge is great for my back. It doesn't get all over my clothes."
--Celes of Ventura

"I had bleeding gums, so I started taking DentiCalTM and found it to be very effective. I brush my teeth with it and can't believe how it helps me."
--Ray of California

"Recently I performed periodontal surgery on a patient of mine. I had never seen anyone heal so rapidly from this surgery in over twenty five years of dentistry. I asked her if she was taking some magic vitamin. She said she was taking MAG-I-CAL. I have been taking it myself ever since and have noted that my allergies (nasal blockage) has gone away. I strongly recommend your product to my patients." --Dr. Donald H. Chapton from California

"This is the first time I have ever written to company about a product, but I was so impressed with the results I got from Acne Purge, I felt compelled to say something. I had a stubborn outbreak of acne on my chin that persisted for 3 months. I tried everything to no avail - if anything it seemed to get worse. I finally came across CRS on the web and decided to take a chance and order a bottle of your acne purge - purely based on the testimonials I read on your site. I have been using it diligently over the past 3 days, multiple times per day. Not only does it not aggravate the pimples and dry out the skin, I have seen REMARKABLE results. The acne seems to just be disappearing, no stinging, no redness, no peeling. It is truly the most amazing product I have ever used for acne. I would recommend it to anyone! You need to get a marketing department and let more people know about this great product! Thank You - I will be trying your other products very soon."
--Sharen R. February 2002

"I am loving the products so far improvement was almost instantaneous!" --Margo of Bolder

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